MAXTRAX are designed to make 4WD vehicle recovery SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY.

    Please read these instructions and view the video before using your MAXTRAX.

    WARNING! Failure to follow these instructions and recommendations may result in personal injury and/or property damage and will void any warranties, implied or otherwise.

    Please remember SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT when attempting to recover a stuck vehicle.

    BEWARE of hot components when clearing debris from the underside of a vehicle.

    DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS - this will damage your MAXTRAX and could cause personal injury and/or property damage.

    DO NOT USE MAXTRAX on hard and rocky surfaces, as a bridge or a ramp, at temperatures below -20C or on vehicles weighing more than 5000kg.

    Using MAXTRAX wisely can even eliminate the need for recovery. Placing MAXTRAX over soft terrain prior to attempting to traverse can save you time and effort. You can make a continuous track over soft terrain using our clever linking straps and a couple of pairs of MAXTRAX.

    1.When your vehicle fails to proceed, STOP and retrieve your MAXTRAX.Spinning your wheels, particularly in soft sand, will only bury your vehicle deeper.

    2.Clear debris and obstructions from around tyres and underbody components such as diffs, axles and sidesteps. MAXTRAX can be inverted and used as a shovel.It is essential that the wheels are bearing the weight of the vehicle, not spinning freely in mid-air. You may need to use a long-handled shovel to clear beneath the vehicle's undercarriage.

    3.WEDGE the MAXTRAX FIRMLY against the tyre tread, in front of both front tyres if attempting to drive forward, or behind both rear tyres if attempting to reverse. Ensure that the MAXTRAX are pointing in the intended direction of immediate travel.The MAXTRAX should not lay flat on the ground but protrude at an angle (as shown above). Lowering your tyre pressures now can greatly improve the available traction to ensure a successful recovery. Using the telltale leashes will also make finding your buried MAXTRAX that much easier.

    4.Clear the area of personnel and climb back into your vehicle.Double check to ensure the area is clear of personnel before starting the engine.

    5.Engage low ratio, first gear and GENTLY accelerate. DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS!The slow rotation allows the tyres to grip the lugs on top of the MAXTRAX and draw them under. Wheel spin will damage your MAXTRAX (by generating sufficient heat to melt the material and burn off the teeth), and dig you in deeper. MAXTRAX damaged by wheel spin are not covered under warranty.

    6.If the tyres do not immediately grip the MAXTRAX and drag them underneath, STOP, reposition the MAXTRAX so that they are FIRMLY WEDGED against the tyre's treads, and try again. DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS!You may also need to clear more debris to ensure the wheels are bearing the vehicle's weight.

    7.Once the tyres gain traction, maintain the momentum until the vehicle reaches firm ground.Repeat the entire procedure if necessary.

    8.Retrieve your MAXTRAX.Our bright orange telltale leashes should make them easy to find, even if they're completely buried.

    PLEASE NOTE:MAXTRAX are not indestructible and may be damaged during normal use through no fault of the manufacturer due to, but not limited to, the following factors: terrain conditions; the weight of the vehicle; vehicle fittings such as bullbars, rear bars, tow bars and side steps; suspension design and height; size, compound and type of tyre; and vehicle approach, departure and ramp-over angles. Recovering a stuck vehicle is not risk-free. Please take the necessary precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those nearby.


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