The simple and innovative way to get your vehicle out of a messy situation. MAXTRAX give your vehicle the traction it needs to lift itself up and out of mud, sand, or snow.

    Considered by 4WD training experts as an essential piece of gear, MAXTRAX are one, if not the safest option on the market for vehicle recoveries requiring minimal technical training for safe and successful use.

    MAXTRAX are injection molded in Australia from high quality engineering-grade reinforced polymer (Nylon), renowned for its strength, toughness and resistance to harsh environments.

    Each MAXTRAX MKII unit is 3.77' long, 13" wide and 3" high, MAXTRAX mini units are 2.13' long, 13" wide and 3” high. XTREMES are the same length and width of MKII but stack slightly higher at 3.5”. 

    Each individual MAXTRAX MKII weighs just 7.5 pounds, each MAXTRAX Mini weighs 4.4lbs. A single XTREME weighs 10lbs. 

    Yes, MAXTRAX fit snugly together. Two stacked MAXTRAX are just 3.3" high; four are only 11.5 4.6" high. MAXTRAX minis can be stacked together, under or on top of a regular size MAXTRAX. Two sets of XTREMES stack with a height of 5.5”. MAXTRAX Xtremes and MKII’s can be stacked together and mounted using the MAXTRAX Combo Pins

    The material we make MAXTRAX from includes a UV-stabilisers that protect them from damage by the sun's UV rays, however if they are permanently stored in the sun the colour will eventually start to fade after a few years or so and, like anything left exposed to the sun for long periods, they will eventually start to degrade and lose their ductility, so storing them out of the sun when not in use will prolong their longevity.

    Since 2004 we've extensively and successfully tested MAXTRAX in the real world with very heavily laden LandCruisers, Patrols, and even a 5 tonne Coaster bus. We've also tested them in the Materials Sciences laboratory at the University of Queensland by forcing a 4WD tyre onto a MAXTRAX spanning an 80-cm void until it bent completely around the tyre. Once the pressure in the hydraulic ram was released, the MAXTRAX returned to their normal shape almost immediately. The type of heavy-duty impact-resistant polymer used in MAXTRAX is the same type of material used in modern roof rack systems, automatic weapons, military knives and vehicle components so it's super tough!

    One pair (2 units) of MAXTRAX will usually do the job but two pairs (4 units) make vehicle extraction even easier. We recommend two pair if you're crossing a desert or heading into remote areas, or towing a trailer or a boat. That way you get instant traction on all four wheels, then once you get moving, the rear wheels of the vehicle gain an extra spurt of momentum from the front pair of half-buried MAXTRAX. If you're towing, the trailer wheels then gain traction on the rear pair of MAXTRAX.

    We gave a set to the crew on the Manta Ray Barge at the southern end of Queensland's Fraser Island in March 2006 and they reckon they've recovered well over 200 vehicles with them since then. Although they're looking a lot worse for wear, they still work! Used properly, as per the instructions, MAXTRAX should last the average driver many recoveries. Remember, DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS or you will burn the teeth off the top of the MAXTRAX and void the warranty.

    We've sold MAXTRAX to the Australian, French and US military, government agencies, mining companies, fire and rescue services, 4WD tour operators, off-road rally teams (check out the Dakar Rally and the Baja 1000!) and the United Nations. MAXTRAX are an I4WDTA (International 4WD Trainers Association) "Recommended product".

    MAXTRAX are available through this website and selected retailers around the US. 

    Yes, we do. You can follow the link here for 10% off your order as a thank you for your service.


    MAXTRAX are designed for standard 4x4's of around 10,000lbs, however we know of a few customers who have used them successfully in sand on expedition trucks (Unimogs, Hinos and Fusos) weighing in excess of 15,000lbs and even the occasional semi-trailer and garbage truck.

    Mini’s are best for UTVS, Subarus, Small 4x4s (Jimnys), Quads

    MKII are best for anything larger. 

    Xtremes are best for those who are doing a lot of recoveries or have a heavy vehicle (over 10,000lbs). 

    As explained above, two pairs (4 units) of MAXTRAX makes recovering a vehicle and trailer much, much easier.

    MAXTRAX can be stored inside your vehicle in our heavy-duty Cordura nylon carry bag (fits two sets of MAXTRAX), outside mounted on your rear spare wheel using our MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness or fixed to your roof rack or bars using our MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set.


    MAXTRAX work in all kinds of terrain including sand, snow, mud, slush, and even pea gravel.

    MAXTRAX have been tested in the Australian Alps, and they work excellently providing great traction to get moving again. We do recommend using caution in below freezing conditions. 

    During the development of MAXTRAX our focus was to produce a vehicle recovery device that makes extracting a bogged vehicle an extremely safe procedure. There are no highly stressed components or massive forces involved in a MAXTRAX vehicle recovery; it all happens at a gentle pace.

    Using MAXTRAX with other recovery equipment reduces the stress on your 4WD, your vehicle recovery gear, the bush and yourself. Let's face it; time around a campfire is better spent than time recovering a bogged 4WD.

    MAXTRAX have been designed to make recovering a bogged 4WD or ATV a one-person operation, so even if you're the only soul for miles you should be able get yourself out, single-handed. You won't need another vehicle (as with snatching) or an anchor point (as in winching)!

    MAXTRAX are designed to work with off-road type tyres (All Terrain or Mud Terrain) as the more open style tread allows easy engagement of the tread blocks with the traction 'teeth' on top of the MAXTRAX. We strongly advise against using MAXTRAX with highway type tires as the sipes (the grooves in the tread) are typically inadequate (too narrow and shallow) to properly engage with the teeth on the top of the MAXTRAX and are likely to allow wheel spin and cause damage to the traction teeth, which is not covered under warranty. We recommend at least 'All Terrain' tyres as the greater the tread depth and the more aggressive the tread, the more effective MAXTRAX are.

    With MAXTRAX its simply a matter of pulling them out of the sand or mud, giving a shake or a bang on the ground to loosen the debris and chucking them into the carry bag or onto an external mounting bracket or roof rack.

    MAXTRAX are not designed to be used as a jack base. We recommend using the MAXTRAX Mini JaxBase for this purpose as it has specialized webbing to provide stability. 

    MAXTRAX are not meant to be used as a bridge or a ramp but should easily handle the weight of a quad bike when used with care.

    MAXTRAX are very handy as a portable boat ramp; launching off the beach or a muddy creek bank just became a whole lot easier!


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