Get ready to pack them up, lighten your load, hit the trails, and experience the difference MAXTRAX DNA brings to your adventure!


    If you are looking to mount MAXTRAX LITE on top of your vehicle you can use the Universal Flat Rack Mounting Kit or Roof Rack Mount.

    Please select the option for MK2/LITE Mounting Pins if opting for the Universal Flat Rack Mounting Kit.

    Only MAXTRAX recovery tracks that are the same length can be stacked together, as mounting pin holes are located in each corner of the recovery boards. 

    MAXTRAX LITE recovery boards are rated to 3500kg, while our MKII and XTREMEs are rated to 4500kg. LITE recovery tracks are perfect for lighter vehicles and lighter off-road needs.

    LITE boards are 895mm while MKII and XTREMEs are 1150mm.

    All MAXTRAX boards are sold as a pair (2).

    LITE recovery tracks are ideal for lighter 4WDs such as dual cabs without a canopy like a Hilux, Jimnys, and SUVs.

    Yes! As long as you’re using your LITE recovery boards with the appropriately weighted vehicle (such as dual cabs without a canopy, Jimny, SUVs etc). In the launch video you can see the recovery tracks used in a variety of situations - climbing trees, mud, sand, rocks, and more. In Josh Collins’s video he demonstrates the full flex of the LITE boards by driving his Hilux onto them against a rock!

    We’re working on global availability. We’ll keep you posted on new locations!

    You can find MAXTRAX LITE recovery boards online at or at your local dealer.

    LITE only comes in black, while you’ll find a variety of colours in the rest of our range.

    MAXTRAX LITE are made from impact resistant thermoplastic to achieve the lightweight construction. The rest of the range is made from our super-tough proprietary nylon blend.

    MAXTRAX Mini Pair Black | $179.99


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