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    Keep Dad out of trouble this Father's Day and beyond with our top 4x4 gift ideas from our range of 4WD recovery gear... No more socks and jocks!

    Our Dad's, Grandads and Father figures don't always get the appreciation they deserve on Father's Day - and let's be honest, most of our 4x4 enthusiast Dads will shy away from recognition and appreciation! When asked what they want the typical response will be "I don't need anything" or "it's just another day!".

    If you're stuck for gift ideas for a keen 4WD enthusiast, we've got you covered. These 5 gift ideas will get Dad out of some sticky 4x4 recovery situations, or allow him to help his mates out of a rut, for many years to come!

    1. 10% off MAXTRAX Gift Vouchers - For the Dad who knows what he wants! (Code: Fathersday)

    Let's cut to the chase - Dad's know what they want better than we do! There's something for every 4x4 enthusiast in the MAXTRAX Recovery Gear range - especially those Dad's and 4WDers who enjoy having the very best 4x4 recovery gear available. And why would we risk our pride and joy by taking anything less?!

    To help make Father's Day special we're giving 10% off gift vouchers for the first time ever! Don't miss out on this limited time offer to let Dad choose what he really wants this Father's Day. USE CODE: Fathersdayfor10% off gift vouchers.

    Your MAXTRAX Gift Voucher can be used online

    2. MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks - Gift for the 4x4 Dad

    No 4x4 recovery kit is complete without a set of MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks! At MAXTRAX, we are the original manufacturers of 4x4 recovery tracks with our super-tough engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery tracks.

    You can choose from the original and the bestMAXTRAX MKIIs, or for the Dad who's running a serious setup like a truck you can upgrade him to theMAXTRAX XTREMEswith replaceable alloy teeth!

    All of our 4x4 recovery tracks come backed with our MAXTRAX Lifetime Warranty, and all of our MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks are manufactured right here in Australia - so you and Dad can feel good about your purchase knowing that you’re supporting an Australian family-owned business creating jobs for Aussies.

    Buy MAXTRAX MKIIs: $299

    Buy MAXTRAX XTREMEs: $499

    3. MAXTRAX Indeflate - Gift for the beach driving Dad

    TheMAXTRAX Indeflatehas been flying off the shelves to 4WD enthusiasts in recent months - we've actually struggled to keep them in stock! It's obvious why, as the MAXTRAX Indeflate does it all - helping Dad to inflate or deflate his tyres in a flash.

    Gone are the days of crawling around on hands and knees as you inflate or deflate your tyres. The unique ability to inflate and deflate two tyres at once with the MAXTRAX Indeflate, while automatically equalising the pressure between the two, makes the Indeflate the perfect gift idea for Dad's who like to hit the beach.

    Don't take our word for it though, read more withthis MAXTRAX Indeflate reviewfrom Adventure Curated.

    Buy MAXTRAX Indeflate: $215

    4. MAXTRAX Trailer Skid - Gift for the off-road towing Dad

    For the Dad who likes to tow a camper trailer or caravan offroad - whether it's in the mud or sand - you need to get him one of the new MAXTRAX Trailer Skids. These ingenious inventions allow Dad to recover his camper trailer or caravan to harder ground in a jiffy.

    MAXTRAX Trailer Skids are also Australian Made and backed by our Lifetime Warranty, Dad is going to be one happy camper.

    Check it out in action with thisMAXTRAX Trailer Skid reviewfrom Australian Overlander:

    Buy MAXTRAX Trailer Skid: $199

    5. MAXTRAX Minis - Gift for the quad bike or ATV Dad

    Finally - if Dad has all the 4WD recovery gear he could dream of for his pride and joy, but he also rides a quad bike or ATV, then consider grabbing him a set of MAXTRAX Minis. Recovering a bogged quad bike or ATV is no easy feat... there isn't always a Tractor or 4x4 handy to tow you out, and sometimes you're in an inaccessible area that doesn't make this a recovery option!

    If Dad likes to get adventurous on his quad bike or ATV, the MAXTRAX Minis are the perfect size to keep him out of trouble.

    Buy MAXTRAX Minis: $199


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