We’ve all been there, stuck in the sand with absolutely no way out. Even if you’ve done everything right and lowered your tyre pressures, everyone gets stuck sometime! Necessity is the key to innovation, and being stuck on a beach is where MAXTRAX were born. Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your MAXTRAX so you can look like a pro in the sand (even if you get stuck!) 

Use the built-in shovel to clear a path


We’ve designed MAXTRAX with six easy-to use handles and pointed ends so they can function as a shovel when you need them most. Remember, unless MAXTRAX are firmly planted underneath your tyres, you won’t be able to get enough grip to get yourself unstuck. An extra 30 seconds of digging and clearing sand can get you going on your way even faster.

Be sure to use the Telltale Leashes


Occasionally in soft surfaces your vehicle’s power will push the MAXTRAX right into the ground. Many a (successful) recovery has ended in trying to find a buried set of MAXTRAX. We include our Telltale Leashes because they’ll make your life a lot easier by not only acting as a flag to where they’re at, but by giving you a leash to pull them out of the sand or muck with.

Use Fixing Pins and Linking Kits


If you’re in a massive, and I mean massive boghole, our Fixing Pins and Linking Kits can turn your piece of the bush into a MAXTRAX highway! Fixing pins work with our mounting holes to secure your MAXTRAX in place so they don’t have a risk of moving, perfect for a rough creek crossing, or a steep exit or entry to the beach. Our Linking Kits work by, well, you guessed it — linking your MAXTRAX together to provide a longer patch of grippy orange MAXTRAX, perfect for extended climbs where your MAXTRAX have a risk of being flung off the track.


We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: NO WHEEL SPIN! There’s a reason we put it on the MAXTRAX! If you spin your tires excessively , you’ll create an immense amount of heat that will melt the MAXTRAX. We’ve designed our engineering-grade nylon material to never break, but we’ve also designed it not to ruin your tyres. By properly placing your MAXTRAX (more on that below), using low range, and taking advantage of the built-in shovel, you’ll simply be able to crawl out at an idle. Don’t worry, we’ve never had a set come back for breakage!

Place MAXTRAX at a 45 degree (ish angle


When your vehicle gets stuck in the sand, it essentially turns into a beached whale, unable to move because the underbody is spreading out the weight, and the tyres have no grip.  By properly clearing your vehicle’s path with the easy-to-use built-in shovel, and by placing your MAXTRAX at an angle, they’ll lift your vehicle up and out of the sand. If you put the right on the ground, your tyres will just spin because the vehicle’s underbody is still bogged!

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