MAXTRAX Mini + JaxBase Combo$219.99

MAXTRAX Mini + JaxBase Combo is now in-stock and shipping. 

The MAXTRAX JaxBase is an extreme-duty lifting platform for Hi-Lift® style jacks. It features a strong, reinforced back with a recessed cutout for the base of the jack to ensure it cannot move. MAXTRAX JaxBase spreads the weight over a larger surface area and uses the recovery board on the front side to ensure stability. Perfect for sand, snow, mud and more. When not being used as a JaxBase, you’ll find a fully-featured MAXTRAX Mini on the front side.

In this product listing, MAXTRAX JaxBase is sold as a pair with a MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board. 

To purchase a single MAXTRAX JaxBase, click the link here [link]

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MAXTRAX Mini is the smaller version of the MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Board. Designed for smaller vehicles and those with space constraints, the MAXTRAX Mini is the perfect solution to getting yourself unstuck.