MAXTRAX Xtreme Black Recovery Board Pair


  • Australian designed, engineered and manufactured
  • 88 replaceable anodized alloy teeth; designed for professional users
  • Safe and easy recovery from sand, mud, snow and slush
  • Made from super tough engineering grade reinforced Nylon
  • Compatible with MAXTRAX MKII and MAXTRAX mini
  • Proven, patent-pending, multi-award-winning design
  • Weight: 20lbs per pair
  • Six glove-friendly handles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A variety of mounting options are available

Sold as a set of two boards, each MAXTRAX Xtreme comes with a set of leashes for easy retrieval.



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Multi-award-winning MAXTRAX XTREME Black is the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created. Featuring 88 replaceable anodized alloy teeth molded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track.

  • MAXTRAX XTREME is designed and manufactured for professional use based on direct feedback from elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and globe-trotting expedition leaders. XTREMES are the go-to recovery track for a wide range of scenarios where time is of the essence and aggressive driving and excessive wheel spin is often unavoidable, including active combat situations, timed motorsport competitions and remote area expeditions.
  • Manufactured in Australia using our proprietary formula; a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon; the same amazing material that we’ve made MAXTRAX MKII from for almost a decade. The manufacturing process involves robotic arm that inserts the 88 alloy teeth in the correct orientation into special sockets in the injection mold, then over-moulding them into the body of the track. This ensures that the Nylon material conforms closely to the thread of each tooth for a super secure fit, virtually eliminating the risk of a tooth unwinding from the body of the track. All 88 alloy teeth are anodized to protect against corrosion in harsh, salt water or muddy environments.
  • As the alloy is significantly harder and more-durable than the rubber compound found in tires and also more resistant to wear from a spinning tire than any polymer available today, you can expect faster, more secure engagement with the tires tread pattern; which not only makes MAXTRAX XTREME the most-durable recovery track on the market, but also the fastest.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME is also easily repairable in the field. If a tooth gets damaged, simply flip the board over and use a T-50 Torx bit to remove and replace the damaged tooth. MAXTRAX XTREME uses a proprietary and patent-pending thread & bliplock system to ensure secure physical engagement of a new tooth with its recess after replacement. Replacement teeth and a custom T-head tool which also works with our mounting pins will soon be available on our website.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME will nest with MAXTRAX MK2 recovery tracks, (although there is a slightly larger space between the tracks due to the design of the underside of the MAXTRAX XTREME).
  • Mounting pins designed exclusively for the MAXTRAX XTREME are available here. Pins for mounting a set of Xtreme and MKII can be found here.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME is also compatible with MAXTRAX mini and our fixing and linking kit to create a portable roadway.

Color: Black, please note, actual color may vary slightly from images shown.

Warranty: Lifetime. We back this Australian made product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and defects.

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