MAXTRAX MKII Mounting Pins

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MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are the easiest, safest, and most-secure way to mount your genuine MAXTRAX Recovery Boards. Because of the unique design of our patented Keyhole, our Mounting Pins can carry either one or two sets of MAXTRAX (two or four boards) and their M10 stainless bolt has a provision for a small TSA-style padlock. Two individual rotating Nylon “keys” allow you to securely restrain your MAXTRAX while the primary component remains stationary, attached to your roof or bed rack, or custom mounting application.

Sold in a set of four, enough to mount one or two sets of MAXTRAX (two or four boards total).


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The Easiest Way To Securely Mount Your MAXTRAX

Genuine MAXTRAX MKII Mounting Pins are the easiest, safest, and most secure mounting solution for putting your MAXTRAX MKII on a roof rack, bed rack, or cross-bars. 


MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are designed to interface perfectly with our patented Keyhole mount. This clever system allows you to mount either two or four boards (one or two pair) with the same Mounting Pin kit.

They're even lockable and accept a TSA-style padlock.

Quality Construction

Made from high-quality Nylon and tough stainless steel, MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are designed to take abuse, whether that's from the elements or the occasional knock from a tree branch on the trail.

Bolts-On to Roof and Bed Racks

We've worked with industry leading companies such as Front Runner, Rhino Rack, Eezi-Awn, Prinsu, Leitner Designs, and more to ensure that it's easy to mount your MAXTRAX without any custom fabrication.

Lifetime Warranty

We warranty our MAXTRAX Mounting Pins like we do our recovery boards—for life.

MAXTRAX Mounting Pin FAQ


When cut to fit, MAXTRAX Mounting Pins will directly bolt into any M10 threaded Aero-style crossbar. If your crossbar does not accept M10 threaded fasteners, drilling may be required*. 

For tube-style crossbars, we recommend our MAXTRAX Tube Mount. You will need to exactly measure the diameter of your crossbar tube prior to purchase. 

*Always consult your crossbar manufacturer prior to drilling.  

Can I Use These With Counterfeit Recovery Boards?

MAXTRAX has industry-leading manufacturing tolerances and patented features to ensure your safety with all of our products. 

When MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are used with non-Genuine recovery boards, there is risk that the pins will not properly secure and the recovery boards may separate from the vehicle. 

Will These Work With My Roof Rack?

MAXTRAX has partnered with most industry-leading roof rack manufacturers to provide you with a bolt-on Mounting Pin adapter.

Including: Eezi-Awn ⊕ Front Runner ⊕ Rhino Rack ⊕ Yakima ⊕ Prinsu ⊕ M-Racks ⊕  And more

I Have MAXTRAX XTreme Recovery Boards

We’ve made a special set of Mounting Pins just for MAXTRAX Xtreme. You can check them out here. 

If you’re looking to add a set of MAXTRAX Xtreme to your existing MKII Recovery Boards, we’ve got you covered there too. Check it out. 

Product Specifications

MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Dimensions

MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are 5.5 inches long (140mm) and feature a stainless steel M10 threaded shaft with a 1-5/8 inch (41mm) length that can be cut to fit in tight applications. Sold in a package of four pins, enough to mount either two or four MAXTRAX MKII or Mini family recovery boards. Will not rust or corrode. 

Exact mounting dimensions may vary up to 1%. Measure twice, cut once. 


MAXTRAX Combo Mounting Pins

Find The Perfect Recovery Board

With Three Ranges, MAXTRAX has the ultimate recovery board for your needs

MAXTRAX is distributed in the United States by Adventure Imports, LLC and can be reached at the following address:

697 6th Street Prescott, AZ 86301 

By Appointment Only