Find A 4WD Trainer

At MAXTRAX, we believe the most-important modification you can make (aside from MAXTRAX of course!), are the ones you do to improve your skill.

Whether you’re looking to drive around the globe, or just to explore your local trails for the weekend, you’ll be a safer, more-confident 4WD’er after you’ve received professional training.

We’re proud to work with 4WD trainers around the world, here’s a list of our favorites in the United States.


Barlow Adventures

Expert 4WD training and guide service from the red rocks of Moab, to the sand dunes of Glamis, to the boulders of the Rubicon Trail. I4WDTA Certified Trainers and Master Trainers. 

BOLD Overland

Scott is a certified I4WDTA off-road instructor, who currently works for the Federal Government where he uses his off-road skills to train national level assets, in proper driving and recovery techniques.  In addition to his work in the Federal Government, Scott is also a member of BOLD Overland, an adventure travel team who use their position in the Overland community to promote proper Four Wheel Drive education and the Tread Lightly principles.  Scott provides individual and small group off-road driving and recovery training in the New Mexico area.

North East

Northeast Off Road Adventures

Northeast Off-Road Adventures, Inc (NORA) offers 4WD training, driving tours, and event programs. Experience an off-road driving tour with NORA at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. Take an off-road driving class with NORA at Milestone Ellenville, a new Learning & Development center nestled on 75 private acres of trails and terrain challenges. Be amazed at your 4WD vehicle’s capabilities and learn the skills to safely drive off-road from our certified instructors and experienced team. Located just 90 minutes from New York City, NORA is “Learning, Adventure and Fun”

Pacific Northwest

Three Amigos Off-Road

Over the last several years they have adventured together, and they have trained together. Initially that meant seeking out real, professional training, namely from Bill Burke—a founding member of the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainer’s Association (I4WDTA). While training with Bill they realized that there was a greater need for this information in their PNW community and they decided to raise their sites and pursue certification by the I4WDTA, become members of this elite training organization, and bring that knowledge back to the PNW and the offroad communities there.