Make MAXTRAX Your Stowaway for Emergency Vehicle Extraction

Hover over the MAXTRAX to learn about it’s innovative features:

Keyholes near each end of the MAXTRAX allow linking, pegging or mounting with our dedicated accessories Beams
3 longitudinal beams provide support for fully-laden 4WD’s in boggy sand, mud and snow Handles
6 comfortable handles making using, carrying and manoeuvring MAXTRAX easy Teeth
88 raised rounded ‘teeth’ provide incredible traction that won’t damage your tyres Ramps
Ramps at each end for easy insertion between your tyre and the ground

MAXTRAX is the lightweight, handy vehicle extraction device that fits in your 4WD ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle encounters a boggy situation.

Whether you’re retrieving your boat from the water, or your 4WD vehicle out of boggy mud, sand or snow, MAXTRAX is the vehicle extraction tool that can make vehicle recovery quicker and easier than most other vehicle recovery devices on the market today.

Take the easy way out! Buy MAXTRAX now!

The MAXTRAX optional Carry Bag keeps your vehicle clean even when MAXTRAX gets dirty! Get the details on this great MAXTRAX accessory here!

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