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MAXTRAX | The Original Vehicle Recovery Board | Since 2005

From SOCOM to Subaru, there's a MAXTRAX for everyone.


MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Board

MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board




Grab MAXTRAX from one of the six glove-friendly built-in handles and use either shovel on both ends to clear debris from underneath the chassis and tires, clearing a path for the vehicle to move forward.


Attach your included MAXTRAX Tell Tale Leashes to allow easier retrieval in messy conditions.


Once you've cleared away the debris, wedge edge either end of the MAXTRAX's dual ramps firmly against the tread face of your tire, as low as possible—ensuring the teeth are making good contact so you can take the easy way out with MAXTRAX

With one pair of MAXTRAX, try to put them under the front tires where possible—your back tires will run them over for additional traction. Two pairs of MAXTRAX allow for even faster recoveries.

There's no need to break traction by spinning your wheels, you'll just risk damage to your MAXTRAX and your tires and you won't get out any faster. ​


Shift into your lowest gear, and gently begin to accelerate while the MAXTRAX interlock with your tire tread. You'll begin to feel your vehicle being lifted UP and OUT of the mess you found yourself in. Where appropriate, continue driving to an area where you won't get stuck. Remember to always Tread Lightly.


Grab your MAXTRAX by the Telltale Leashes and securely store them for transport.

Insist on the genuine article

Why You Need MAXTRAX

MAXTRAX underneath tire abuse testing
What Are Those Orange Spikey Things?

MAXTRAX Recovery Boards are a simple and innovative way to get your vehicle out of a messy situation by giving it traction it needs to lift itself up and out of the mud, sand, or snow.

Compared to other recovery methods, MAXTRAX are considered by 4WD training experts to be one of, if not the safest option on the market MAXTRAX require minimal technical training to safely and successfully use. 

MAXTRAX Xtreme Mounted on Eezi-Awn Roof Rack with Mounting Pins
The Original, Still The Best

MAXTRAX was started on a remote beach in Far North Queensland in 2001 after Brad McCarthy nearly lost his beloved Land Cruiser to an incoming tide while stuck on the beach. 

After looking at the existing options, all based on surplus from WWII, Brad knew there had to be a way to be a better way.

A few years and a few prototypes later in 2005, MAXTRAX launched the world’s first vehicle-specific recovery board, the MKI.


Fifteen years later with the MAXTRAX Xtreme, we’re still innovating and pushing the boundaries on a what has become new age of 4WD vehicle recovery.  

MAXTRAX Recovery Board Under Tire of Land Cruiser
Easy To Bolt-On:

Spend your time exploring. 

With our locking MAXTRAX Mounting Pins, securing your MAXTRAX is a click away—literally.

We’ve also partnered with (almost) every major roof and bed rack company we could find to ensure there are easy, bolt-on adapters and brackets to quickly and easliy mount your genuine MAXTRAX. 


Front Runner
Rhino Rack
Leitner Designs

And more

MAXTRAX MKII: The World's Most-Popular Recovery Board.

Clever mounting Accessories | 10 Available Colors | Lifetime Warranty

The MAXTRAX MKII is the golden standard of high-quality recovery boards. There is no other product that beats the MKII’s legendary durability, wide color range, innovative mounting options, six glove-friendly handles, and our 15-year track record of manufacturing world-class Australian-made innovative products. We have MKII sets which have seen constant use for almost a decade with no signs of slowing down. 

Equipped with our patented Keyhole, MAXTRAX MKII is compatible with our Mounting Pin Set and Rear Wheel Harness.

  • Heavy-duty, engineering-grade nylon construction won’t break, crack or stress whiten after use—or we’ll replace it for free
  • UV stable material won’t fade or degrade in the sun, we’d know—we’re based in Sunny Queensland
  • Proprietary material resists wheel spin without risking tire damage for non-professional users
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and workmanship
  • Six built-in handles and a shovel on each end make MAXTRAX perfect for use in sand, snow, or mud
  • 45L x 13W x 3.5H, 7.5LB (3.4KG) per board, 15LB (6.8KG) per pair
  • Made in Australia, from Australian materials

Available in Ten Unique Colors

Safety Orange

Stealth Black

FJ Red

Gunmetal Grey

Titanium Grey

Olive Drab

Desert Tan

FJ Blue

Blaze Yellow

Lime Green

Aussie, Aussie,

MAXTRAX is an Australian-owned business, that produces all of their recovery boards in Australia and manufactures them from Australian-sourced Nylon.

take the easy way out

The Choice Of Professionals.

Officially recommended by the International Four Wheel Drive Trainers Association (I4WDTA) MAXTRAX have been used in the most extreme conditions on all seven continents. From expedition leaders in Antartica to elite military units around the world, MAXTRAX produces products you can count on when the going gets rough.

MAXTRAX XTREME: The Pinacle Of Recovery Board Durability

User-Replaceable Alloy Teeth | 4 Available Colors | Lifetime Warranty

MAXTRAX XTREME is designed and manufactured for professional use based on direct feedback from some of the world’s most-elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and globe-trotting expedition leaders as a mission-critical recovery track for a wide range of scenarios where time is of the essence and aggressive driving and excessive wheel spin is often unavoidable, including active combat situations, timed motorsport competitions and remote area expeditions.

Manufactured in Australia using our proprietary Australian-sourced engineering-grade fiber-reinforced Nylon; the same material used in our MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Board that has proven itself on seven continents and several war zones. The high-tech manufacturing process of the MAXTRAX Xtreme sees a robotic arm insert 88 alloy teeth directly into the injection mould, proceeding to over-mould them directly into the reinforced recovery board itself. This ensures that the Nylon material conforms closely to the thread of each tooth for a super-secure natural fit, virtually eliminating the risk of a tooth unwinding or falling from the body of the track. All 88 alloy teeth are hard-anodized to protect against corrosion in harsh, saltwater or muddy environments. 

Compatible with all existing MAXTRAX roof and bed rack brackets. A Combination Mounting Pin Set is also available for customers looking to secure a set of MAXTRAX XTREME along with their pre-existing MKII Recovery Boards. The XTRACT Insert Tool can be used to replace teeth and to help turn dirty mounting pin keys. The XTREME Teeth Replacement Kit includes 10 spare XTREME alloy teeth and a soft carry bag.  


MAXTRAX XTREME is compatible with the XTREME Mounting Pin Set and our Rear Wheel Harness.


  • User-replaceable hard-anodized alloy teeth with innovative bliplock to prevent over-torque on replacement
  • Reinforced construction is thicker where it counts for heavy-duty durability and light weight construction.
  • Reinforced heavy-duty, engineering-grade nylon construction won’t break, crack or stress whiten after use
  • UV stable material won’t fade or degrade in the sun, we’d know—we’re based in Sunny Queensland and Arizona!
  • Six built-in handles, dual ramps, and a shovel on each end make MAXTRAX perfect for use in sand, snow, or mud
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and workmanship
  • Mounts easily with MAXTRAX Xtreme Mounting Pins, MKII Combination Mounting Pin also available.
  • Nests with MAXTRAX MKII and Mini, compatible with Fixing and Linking Kit
  • 45L x 13W x 4.5H, 10LB (4.5KG) per board, 20LB (9.0KG) per pair

Available In Four Professional Colors

Proudly Featured In

Good Design

MAXTRAX Xtreme's innovative user-replaceable alloy tooth was a Gold Winner at the 2018 Good Design Awards

Award Winning

MAXTRAX was awarded Editor's Choice in Overland Journal's Recovery Board Test

"The MAXTRAX product was the best self-recovery device, outperforming all the others on the day." - 4X4 Australia Magazine

How To Use Your MAXTRAX Recovery Boards

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is the Weight Limit of MAXTRAX Recovery Boards?

MAXTRAX have been used to recover everything from 8WD military vehicles to 30,000LB medium-duty utility trucks without issue or failure for decades. 

In sub-zero conditions, we advise caution for vehicles over 12,000LBS.  

Can MAXTRAX Be Used as a Bridging Ladder?

MAXTRAX were not originally designed as a bridging ladder, but as a testament to the durability and good design of the product, when nested together they do provide a bridging function. Our more hardcore 4WD trainers have been doing it without issue for years. 

We handle warranties for this on a case-by-case basis, but see very few issues. 

Does Your Lifetime Warranty Cover Wheelspin?

If you manage to damage teeth on our MAXTRAX XTREME, we’ll gladly replace your damaged teeth free of charge. For MAXTRAX MKII and Mini, wheel spin is not covered by our lifetime warranty, 

Can I Use Genuine MAXTRAX Mounting Pins With Counterfeit Recovery Boards?

MAXTRAX Mounting Pins should only  be used with Genuine MAXTRAX Recovery Boards. Our precise manufacturing and material tolerances are essential to their function and we cannot be responsible if counterfeit recovery boards separate from the pins while driving. 

What Does Your Lifetime Warranty Cover?

We cover faults in materials and workmanship when used within the intended design of the product, even if you’re in a war zone and it has bullet holes (that happened, and we still covered the warranty.)

Proof of original purchase required. 

How Can I Ensure I Am Buying A Genuine MAXTRAX Product?

If you have questions about the authenticity of a product, do not hesitate to reach out to us at the email below and we’ll be happy to confirm if it is a Genuine MAXTRAX Product. 

If you require further assistance, please send us an email: